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Castle. Castle...Castle CASTLE!
So....Last episode of Castle was utter shit!

OMOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! What happened to Castle being all shit lately and then BAM throwing epic in my face!?!?!

I don't really hang out on LJ anymore, besides ONTD and checking the friends list every now and then..Tumblr has consumed me...but Tumblr also brings good things to livejournal. Ergo

How can she be so pretty and perfect and in love and just make my heart explode?!

I literally just sat and watched this ep from start to finish, which I haven't done since season 2! Best ep of the season and pretty much better than the entire season 3 combined! Wish we had this kind of progression all the time.

I'M NOT OVER BRITTANA! I love how my last LJ post was hoping that I'd be over them round about 6 months ago...yea it didn't happen. I'm over Glee, but BRITTANA JUST HAPPENED! So yea...going down with this ship tbh. UNDER THE NAPKIN!

And we finally got Bo/Lauren action on Lost Girl!!

So all in all. A VERY good week in TV I would say! Praise the powers that be!

PS. The format of LJ completely changed while I was gone so I have no idea if this will look proper, or even make a cut.

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Look at her face! Love love love! So much!! I really wish they'd keep that up as well. I'm going to be so disappointed if they drop the ball next week. :(

I get their hands are under the napkin and they're being all cute, but.... I don't get the actual playing with the napkin bit haha!

What is this Lost Girl thing? I have not heard of it. Do I need to go on a download spree?

Post more often please <3

I wouldn't get my hopes up for next week. There are a lot of Tumblr spoilers flying around, and ofc they're ecstatic about any mention of the two in the same scene...but lemme know if you want to know some. also there's this
But there is just now way that they would be able to keep the magic from this ep to the next one. And usually whenever they make any kind of progress they promptly forget about it by the next episode so pfft whatevs...

Now that Brittana has happened you should at least watch them become official :) It's in the middle there somewhere..You'll understand the napkin thing! I'll fill in blanks later if you want.

Lost Girl is a Canadian sci-fi show. Which scenes are not as prudish as American tv :D also the main character is Bi and the blonde lady is her current love interest. Season 1 was a little blah because it was all boy boy boy why won't the boy like me. And it just recently flipped over to girl girl girl why won't the girl be honest with me and stop fucking around with me and then let me find out huge secrets about her. kinda.. There were girl troubles in S1 as well. Same girl. Same problem. Hence her running to the boy. But he wasn't in the last ep so I was happy. He is annoying as frak!
She has one of the coolest side-kicks though. They are only mid S2 so there's not much to catch up on if you want to. S1 has 13 eps.

Oh wow. Bad ass much? She looks HOT. Though it doesn't leave me with much hope for the relationship aspect.

:D I'll have to check them both out. I need some distractions!

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