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During my procrastination I found my way onto YouTube...whoops..and discovered this cutie. Daila Ojeda is a really good climber!  Ok fine, in all of her competition videos I watched she always placed but never won...she is still totally awesome! Dimples, people! Dimples!

In my attempt to achieve a certain coolness status when it comes to my own climbing I had someone film one of my climbs today and wuff was that a mistake!! Well, I guess I'm learning things from it but uugghh I did not need to know that I look like a semi-retard when I climb! I was living in perfect ignorant bliss not knowing that I'm a shittier climber than I already thought I was :) Thank you digital media technology for existing a click away from my thumb xD 

Another quite surprising revelation made by that video is that my calves have frickin ~grown~ and gone and gotten themselves all defined and shit o.O Not a completely depressing surprise if I say so myself...probably the most positive thing about that video. A close second is that I love my digital media technology thingamajigger that takes awesome quality videos that enhances the viewing pleasure of my calves! What..? *shrug* Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don't. I'm a woman, it is my prerogative to change my mind. Shush. 

 This was literally me when I found out Glee isn't coming back until February!   

Mmm but without the invisible popcorn shoving hand...but there was a gasp involved. As much as I want this show canceled for its enormous stupidity, I love watching the girls do ANYTHING! I better be over this crap come February <_< 

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Looks like it!

lol I'm sure the video you already had was fine. :P I've never tried it.

LOL BELLE GIF!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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