Ok, climbing video...this is an easy wall and color. The one I climbed that was harder (and which I am actually proud of finishing, because I've been trying that one for a year) got cut into two parts and there was talk about testicles in the first we're skipping that one. Also my ass looks better in this one.

Ignore my blatant disregard for safety rules  :D

You can't actually see what goes into climbing by watching this though...and I always have major trouble with finding the grips with the right color! There's horrible lighting in there so it basically makes the whole wall blank and blinds you from seeing the little plastic tags with the colors on the them. Hence me always looking around and going 'Where the frak am I supposed to go????'.


The wall is coming DOWN this season! For sure!


Oh right...
I was supposed to fix this...

Castle. Castle...Castle CASTLE!
So....Last episode of Castle was utter shit!

OMOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! What happened to Castle being all shit lately and then BAM throwing epic in my face!?!?!

I don't really hang out on LJ anymore, besides ONTD and checking the friends list every now and then..Tumblr has consumed me...but Tumblr also brings good things to livejournal. Ergo

How can she be so pretty and perfect and in love and just make my heart explode?!

I literally just sat and watched this ep from start to finish, which I haven't done since season 2! Best ep of the season and pretty much better than the entire season 3 combined! Wish we had this kind of progression all the time.

I'M NOT OVER BRITTANA! I love how my last LJ post was hoping that I'd be over them round about 6 months ago...yea it didn't happen. I'm over Glee, but BRITTANA JUST HAPPENED! So yea...going down with this ship tbh. UNDER THE NAPKIN!

And we finally got Bo/Lauren action on Lost Girl!!

So all in all. A VERY good week in TV I would say! Praise the powers that be!

PS. The format of LJ completely changed while I was gone so I have no idea if this will look proper, or even make a cut.


During my procrastination I found my way onto YouTube...whoops..and discovered this cutie. Daila Ojeda is a really good climber!  Ok fine, in all of her competition videos I watched she always placed but never won...she is still totally awesome! Dimples, people! Dimples!

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That shipper name is hilarious!

I'm so completely sold on Brittana/HeYa!! Of course I would get into the show after they fucked them up royally. I no longer like the show...The most horriflific thing about that is I'm kinda sad about it :(
At least Naya and Heather will always keep gaying it up :D

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I have this big Philosophy test tomorrow which I haven't really studied for and I'm positive I'll fail even if I study for it so I see no point. Yes, I'm procrastinating now and have been for the past week. These two chicas have been a marvelous waste of time!

I'll just leave this here :)

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"Don't stand! Don't stand so! Don't stand so close to me!"

I was going to post a big whole thing about reptiles but I got bored and I don't have all my pretty lizard and snake pictures so it really failed..but a short summary would be this picture with the caption CUTE!

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Better Off Ted



I miss it already *tear*

Usually I never re-watch TV shows but I feel like I could waste a magnitude of time just watching this show xD and giffing it and making extraordinarily long picspams about it and all its awesomeness. If I knew how to make one of those cute little hearts this is where I would put one ;)

I hate people and their stupid taste in TV <_<

 Last Saturday I went to see Ratatat! *mild flailing*

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Books and Shelves

I love my books but looking objectively at these pictures I would perhaps use the word 'abused'. Don't worry though, the books on the middle shelf are just course literature ;) But I don't have anywhere else to put them and I ran out of shelf space so stacking them seemed like the perfect solution. Yes, I am also waiting for it all to come crashing down.


Your turn Nix! See if you can spot Wicked.

Saw two episodes of Better off Ted on saturday as well and turns out *shame* I haven't even seen the second season! I don't know how that's possible, but I'm amending the situation. I seriously thought I only had a few episodes left. And I did not remember how funny this show is! *giggle* I like that I've been away from tv for so long because I get to rediscover fantastic shows.

Still haven't seen Hocus Pocus! Might have watched a couple of Girls Aloud tour DVDs instead...

P.S. I tried making this post 7 frickin times!! But my computer obviously does not like LJ and its cuts! I'm happy Auto Save and Restore exists though. Don't blame me if there are any cut issues.

Reunited and It Feels So Good!

Well, no. It doesn't feels good yet, still in the awkward phase. Feels weird since it's been over a year (LJ even stopped counting in weeks because its been so long!) since I last updated.  Have no idea what I'll be posting but this place is going to be more of an archive of fandoms than anything regular I think. I've wanted to update plenty of times the last year but either I never got around to it or felt like it was stupid and I was too lazy. Not to mention the horrors of trying to be fancy with all the LJ tools *eyeroll*, hence no cut this time :P
Feels like I need to recap what's been squeed over/happened since last summer. Lol i hate these frickin China updates.

1. I started Uni. Moved. On my second year now.  
2. Started reading a whole bunch during the summer. Most notably the Sword of Truth series because I got hooked on Legend of the Seeker picspams xD (will most likely devote an obscene amount of entries to both of these )
3. Tabrett Bethell stole my heart
4. Animal Planet invaded my life when I went home for a month in the middle of summer. Best shows on TV: Animal Cops Huston/RSPCA!! I was kinda obsessed...
5. Castle broke me after the season 2 finale. Am now crushing hard on Stana Katic
6. Cheryl Cole is also being squeed over atm...sigh
7. Also I hate the cold (pretty big chance of me devoting heaps of posts about how I'm freezing my ass off)

Of course I have a home exam the coming week so I will not be updating until next weekend anyways, but I finally got the ball rolling so hopefully it won't be as weird/awkward/uncomfortable making the next entry.


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